Making a marketing plan for your farm | Farm Marketing Guide

How to make a marketing plan?

It’s an unavoidable fact, the modern farmer has to be up-to-date with technology. The most people a proper marketing plan for your farm it is vital to have a website. Using a website as a marketing tool is very effective cost wise, and can reach a huge number of customers that you would not normally reach. You may want to use the website as a brochure for your farm and its products, almost like a portfolio, or alternatively you could build an e-commerce business online whereby you have an online shop that you actually sell your products out of.

A professional website can take your marketing to the next level and although there is a cost investment required it can soon pay dividends. You can use various different routes to have your website developed . The vast majority of modern websites are developed with CMS systems, WordPress is a fantastic web development software package that allows a developer to build a very responsive interactive and modern looking website, that also has excellent potential for SEO in the search engines. The days of old static HTML websites are pretty much over, this is the various reasons but the main one being that they are very hard to update for owners, who cannot code website HTML, and they do not offer the benefits of using a ready-made content management system like WordPress.

Other options open to you business is to use shopify, which is an excellent introduction to running an e-commerce shop and uses shopfiy’s own software whereby you pay a monthly fee under commission  per sale and you get to use the shopify platform .

This is a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) shopify builder and you can use one of their shop themes and it is a good introduction to running a small Internet store for somebody who is not experienced in web development.

Other options such as Wix are also a good option for developing a store yourself with relatively little coding experience.
Another popular option is to engage the services of a proper web development company. Space this could give you a lot of benefits, a web designer and development company will know a lot of the problems that can be discovered in such a project and you will certainly end up with a stress free professional website. However the costs need to be borne in mind.

One of the other things is that you will need to write most of the content for your new website and also provide high quality images of your products and any other images to use on the website, because by their nature, a web development company will not know your business as well as you do. Therefore writing your own content is a very good idea if you wish to get the right message across to possible customers.

Join farm associations.

farm associations
Being a member of a farm association can be a very cost-effective way to market your new products and the farm itself. You normally have to pay a membership fee and would expect to receive benefits possibly her web forum membership newsletter subscription and a printed listing in the association’s members directory. Because generally your farm business is operating within the niche, it is a very good idea if you are a member of an association because you can gain access to suitable customers quite easily and they probably already have intent to buy.

Begin advertising

There are various ways that you can think of advertising your new farm business. Whilst the Internet is without doubt one of your strongest channels, you also have the possibility of advertising in local media for example in local newspaper local town magazine or display advertising in local shops for example the supermarket. Bear in mind that you only have a small amount of time to catch a buyers imagination and as such you need to be straight to the point as quickly as possible showing them what pain problem pain point you solve for them. Make sure you always include your farms details the farm name or phone number and your website URL in any advertising that you do including a logo is also very important part of brand building.

Provide good customer service

Very often some of the best marketing techniques are also the easiest and cheapest to implement. A very important thing to remember is the benefits of good customer service. This can set your business apart from the others, and really put you ahead of the pack many customers will spread the word of on word-of-mouth based on good service but one really annoyed customer can damage your business a lot.

You need to bear in mind that Google reviews is a very common way for people to review businesses nowadays and you want to always offer the best service to every single customer comes through the door so that you can guarantee yourself of some strong reviews. Good customer service doesn’t just happen behind the counter when you are speaking to your customers, it can be from follow-up emails telephone calls or after service, going the extra mile.

Create a marketing budget and calendar
In the formative years of your farm business you will need a marketing budget for your farm marketing, this could be as much as 10 to 20% of your gross sales figure, but over time you will expect your marketing budget to be able to be reduced and your sales will increase (relatively your marketing spend will drop as turnover will be going up!) as word-of-mouth spreads and your sales numbers grow.
Creating a marketing budget is a great way to be able to track monitor and analyse your progress. Marketing is not a massively complicated exercise, but to do it right takes experience a lot of planning and some investment. If it is done correctly and effectively with some creative flair replied it can produce massive results for your business.