How to market your farm business | Marketing for your farm

Create a Logo for your farm

Create a logo for your farm!!! You have to have a logo to be taken seriously and stand out from the crowd. Do you know any graphic designers? If not, you can use a service like

Your logo could even be done in a basic text editor with your farm name in some nice type but for the cost of a professional logo in modern times, using the gig economy, it makes sense to have something really nice done. After all, that is going to be on all your stationary, your product packaging or labeling, your website (yes, see our website design section for more on this!).

Create a tag line for your farm business

Your farm business should have a tag line or motto to help with your branding efforts. For example, if you sell finely mature cheese, it could be something like ‘Peak Farms extraordinary mature cheddar’ or something along those lines. Something that makes people take notice of the text, then read it to work it out, then hopefully memorable enough for them to recall it later on.

Some examples of famous tag lines would be ‘Disney – The happiest place on earth’, or ‘Budweiser – the king of beers’ or Nikes short and sweet ‘just do it’

Create your tag line

While these are colossal global brands, there is no reason why your company should not have a tag line because if your marketing efforts go well it could pay off handsomely.


Create a marketing plan for your farm

Set some goals

You have to have some goals in mind before you launch a new product for your farm business. For example, let’s say you are selling a new range of Jams.

What are you target sales for the first year?

What is your budget for marketing and sales for the first year?

What number of products do you need to sell to break even or make a profit?

Do you have any ‘quick wins’ you could make with possible resellers or customers? (eg, do you have a friend who wholesales farm foods for example? Any contacts?)

Draw up a contact list. This should be every person and business who could be useful in your venture. Keep this somewhere handy for reference. Things can get fast and furious in the early days of a business, having your ‘go to’ basics on hand can make things a little easier.

 Set some goals for your business

Launch a website

It’s an unavoidable fact, that the modern farmer has to be up-to-date with technology. The most people a proper marketing plan for your farm it is vital to have a website. Using a website as a marketing tool is very effective cost wise, and can reach a huge number of customers that you would not normally reach. You may want to use the website as a brochure for your farm and its products, almost like a portfolio, or alternatively you could build an e-commerce business online whereby you have an online shop that you actually sell your products out of. A professional website can take your marketing to the next level and although there is a cost investment required it can soon pay dividends.