Farmers markets | Grow your business with farmers markets

 Farmers Markets

Attending farm related events is a very important part of your farm business this may take the form of festivals, farmers markets , conference  and roadshows. Meeting customers in an environment like this can be very beneficial for your business, you get the chance to show and explain your full product range to them you may have their undivided attention for a period and you will see lots and lots and lots of different faces.

Farmers markets

It is also a fantastic opportunity for networking meeting other distributors other sellers and potentially wholesalers who could also resell your products or services. Farmers markets do involve some financial investment as with any other part of growing your business, for example you may need a trailer, staff to help with her setting up and you will also obviously need to pay for the farm market stand .

You will need to carefully select which farmers markets or conferences or roadshows that you attend,  like this or check here, so that you don’t end up wasting your hard earned cash. You need to be selling to the right kind of customer in the right kind of area at the right kind of show. Farmers markets fairs allows you to do sales that you otherwise wouldn’t have made.

Also you can spread the word about your website that your actual farm shop where you are located and asked people to pass the word around, this can be very effective form of advertising, word-of-mouth. You can contact the local papers requested feature on your business request them to attend the shows that you are attending and potentially even send some free samples out to relevant journalists in your market niche.

Its time to evaluate your success

the overall success of your marketing plan your farm business can be monitored and watched in many different ways you can ask yourself these questions after you have implemented your new marketing plan given it some time to work and really at least 6 to 12 months is a fair amount of time.

  • Did I make more sales
  • today increase my profits
  • was able to sell more farm products quickly, more quickly
  • do I have some potential customers that could turn into good sales in the coming year as a result of my marketing activity
  • did I possibly retain more new customers
  • how many new customers do I think I gained
  • did I satisfy my existing customers more than previously
  • my job easier and more fun